Sunday, April 3, 2011

My quilt and craft store

I am working hard on my shop , so I can show it of at our show in May .

I finished my doors and windows and I put the lighting in , I am now working on the out side and thanks to my dear friend Colleen ,from my club , who helped me with cutting all the timber for the outside it is starting to look  really good , I am very pleased with it . still a lot of work to do , like the outdoor stairs and the roof , but its getting there.


  1. Very pretty, I love those worn blue shutters! Can't wait to see it all finished up. :)

    - Grace

  2. Frederica, adoro. Está lindo! É uma inspiração! Adoro as portadas envelhecidas.
    Gosto mesmo muito. Estou desejosa de ver mais. Parabéns! beijinho

  3. Look soo cute! I can't wait to see it finished! :)

  4. Dit ziet er al heel mooi uit, mooie kleuren ook!
    Zie ik nou binnen Laura Ashley behang, ik had vroeger bij mijn jongste twee kinderen dat behang in de babykamer en als wiegbekleding.
    Groetjes Sylvia

  5. Frederica, it seems to me a splendid job!
    What kind of store is it?
    I'm curious to see how it will continue ...
    Mini hugs, Flora

  6. I like your house, it's very pretty! I love this wallpaper - great color and pattern you choose- and I like most small door handle, it's cute.

  7. It looks very nice, I love the colours of the shutters.

  8. Dit wordt een hele leuke winkel. De kleur van de luiken vind ik erg mooi. Wat wordt het voor winkel?

    groet Heleni

  9. Wat een prachtig project!! Het wordt al erg mooi en ik ga het zeker volgen hoe je het verder gaat aankleden :)

    Liefs Jollie

  10. I simply adore the colours and finish of this project. It is beautiful.

  11. Prachtige kleuren en ben benieuwd hoe het er verder uit gaat zien!

  12. its going to be a quilt and craft store, in de brocante stijl .
    Sylvia , bedoel je het behang boven ? ja het is heel leuk behang , maar ik had geen idee dat het Laura Ashley is , wat leuk dat jij dat behang herkent , grappig , ik kocht het op onze club voor $2.00 , als je wil dat ik je wat van dat behang opstuur , zal ik kijken of ik meer kan krijgen , oke .
    Thank you everybody for your lovely comments

  13. Hi Frederica ... looks as if everything's coming along wonderfully. Can't wait to see the lovely pieces you'll be stocking it with. The shutters look great!

  14. Very beautifull, i love the worn shutters and planking.

  15. Lovely House, beautiful shutters...
    Just joined to be your new follower :)

  16. I have fallen in love! The colours are wonderful, cant wait to see more.....

  17. I really like the colours, it's going to be gorgeous.

  18. Hello , Frederica ! I didn't find your blog when you're follow mine .
    Thank's for your visit end your comment .
    I love the colour you're choice for all your house ,and the atmospher the blue is my favorite color .You have a big collection .
    have a happy easter