Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas and a winter white cardigan!

The tiny Christmas tree was a gift from Mercedes from America, and also the little bench , although its not properly put together  it  just fits so perfectly in this scene.
 I made the little basket at my last club day  and I  knitted the white cardigan , so Christmassy

The little container with lid was one of the presents I got from Kim , I filled it with Christmas balls for this scene.
Thank you so much Kim

The white tree I bought at Bed Bath and Table

My latest knitted cardigans

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Redoing my shabby chic Bridal shop and shabby Bakery

As you can see I put new wooden floors in upstairs , ( bridal shop)and new wallpaper , which is very pretty scrap booking paper bought at Spotlight.
Downstairs (bakery) I put some paper that looks like tiles on the floor and redid the walls ,and I put a new front door in , since the other one was a bit damaged, so far so good .
 I also knitted a new cardigan in cream , I was making one for a friend in Holland and liked it so much I made another one for in my shop!

Bridal shop


I just put this furniture back in for the foto's

Shabby chic doormat!

I also knitted this little Christmas stocking !

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Birthday presents and some new things that I made

From my husband I got these 2 beautiful books , Cabbages and Roses and Rachel Ashwell , and my son surprised me with these gorgeous Country Road tea towels with shabby pink and green colors. And the 2 tier with plates I got from my mum and sister. And my daughter in Holland surprised me with a skype visit with my best friend Gerda , primary , highschool , first children , until I left Holland and who I haven't seen for 17 years , so I felt very blessed and spoiled.

and ofcourse these books give me lots of inspiration for miniatures as well, so I made these vintage , shabby chic looking apron and little rug , blanket and they are available in my Etsy , There is also a shabby chic pink blanket in the making !