Friday, April 29, 2011

progress on the craft shop

as you can see I have done some work on the craft shop , in the window , you can see the pitcher with flowers from Flora and little bunny cushion from Mercedes and upstairs some more easter gifts from Mercedes , the little flower in the yellow pot on the table , the bunny in the plant outside on the balcony, the bunny picture on the table , and from Flora the little nest with blue eggs on the balcony and the box with cute eastercards inside , thank you Mercedes and Flora

Friday, April 22, 2011

gifts from Flora , all the way from Italy !!!

I received some beautiful gifts in the mail from Flora , all the way from Italy .
It is absolutely gorgeous and she really spoiled me .
I love the little books she made , they are so real looking .
The jug with the flowers is so pretty and even in the little box , I found Easter cards and a little nest with eggs .
and then the tray she made , so clever.
Flora , thank you so much , I am very happy with my gifts

I also received a little box , delivered by courier from Mercedes, What a surprise ,, Have a look at her gorgeous barn

can't wait to open it  , , but will have to wait till tomorrow, yeh 

Sunday, April 3, 2011

My quilt and craft store

I am working hard on my shop , so I can show it of at our show in May .

I finished my doors and windows and I put the lighting in , I am now working on the out side and thanks to my dear friend Colleen ,from my club , who helped me with cutting all the timber for the outside it is starting to look  really good , I am very pleased with it . still a lot of work to do , like the outdoor stairs and the roof , but its getting there.