Sunday, August 18, 2013

Shabby Front Porch!!

This is what I bought at the show , although originally the colours were an  ugly yellow and red.
So after some painting today it now looks like this........
I still have to dress it up a bit more and add some more colour.
also I took the photo's at night time , so the quality is not so good , will make some new photo's at daylight tomorrow.


  1. Love your pourch, wonderful details!

  2. You bought a beautiful porch/dollshouse at the show. I am rather curious to see what it looked like originally, for you made it so pretty now ! Hugs, Liduina

  3. Yellow and Red? Cannot imagine how that looked. It now looks exactly as it always wanted to look. It's lovely!

  4. What a great buy, the perfect place to dry the washing on a windy day!

  5. Hi Frederica! You have a good eye to spot the potential and over-look that which is not so pleasing. With the refreshing new coat of paint, you have made a really pretty front porch! I really enjoy the way that you include clothing into your exterior scenes! It is a signature of yours that is a lovely extra detail which makes your porches Extra Special!


  6. I love your pourch!!
    As you can see: white painting always works, ha ha ha!

    greetings from Holland,

  7. I absolutely LOVE it Frederica! I'm sure it is a 100% improvement on the original.

  8. What a beautiful scene, absolutely adorable!
    Hugs, Ilona