Saturday, August 31, 2013

little girls bedroom !! In Linden Rose cottage

As you can see I have been changing things around again in my big house "Linden Rose Cottage".
I finished the little girls bedroom and am very happy with the end results .
I only still need to make the rest of the curtains in the front windows.
further I have changed the kitchen and dining room and these are both still in progress!!
I  have also made a start on the baby room as you can see!

I hand knitted the little cardigan and singlet , and also stitched the little blankets .

New dining room !

the cute shabby tin I bought from MiniEden, it comes all the way from Spain
and I am so thrilled with it, she sells lovely  things.
It is beautifully handmade and looks like the real thing.
The little books were a gift from Flora from la casa delle bambole di Flora, all the way from Italy.
The cabinet with the little baskets I bought at the dolls house show here in Albany and I painted it white.

I knitted the green cardigan that hangs on the chair!

The Kitchen , well!! the beginning of the kitchen

As you can see the dishes still need to be dried , haha!!

The baby room .
As you can see it is in its beginning stages !
The little dress and bonnet are hand knitted by me as well

Oh, so cute


  1. Я хочу быть маленькой девочкой и жить в этой спальне! :)
    Мне очень понравился ваш домик!
    С наилучшими пожеланиями из России. Елена.
    I want to be a little girl and live in this bedroom! :)
    I loved your house!
    Best wishes from Russia. Elena.

  2. Hello Frederica! I think that you have made a wonderful interior for the bedroom. It is very peaceful. The accessories that you have chosen , the tin box and the books were great choices And of course, I always enjoy your knitwear! The sideboard in the dining room with the baskets is a really wonderful piece and it looks like a natural fit with the space. Everything is really calm and very pretty and serene.


  3. The bedroom looks really lovely, I like the way the bay window is framed too. The kitchen is going to be fun, it looks a lot like my real life kitchen as far as the dishes go ;)

  4. Hello Frederica! I am in love with your knitwear, it looks so delicate and the colors are beautiful. The bedroom is wonderful!
    Hugs, Ilona

  5. I love the children's room, and even though I'm an adult, I would not mind sleeping there :-)
    Especially I like the colors.
    You are unsurpassed in choice of details :-)
    Lovely hugs,

  6. Dat babykamertje doet mij denken aan het huis van mijn oma; daar was ook zo'n kamer met dezelfde raaminzet en met ongeveer hetzelfde behang.
    Wat ziet het er allemaal mooi uit, heel sfeervol en mooie kleuren!

    Groeten van Paula

  7. Your rooms are so pretty, feminine, lovely and peaceful! I really like looking at your pictures.

  8. Lovely bedroom style, I really like the wood finish! Uniquely bow window and a sweet and relaxing atmosphere. congratulations. Mariajo

  9. Todo es precioso un trabajo lleno de encanto.
    Un abrazo.

  10. What a lovely room. Such a delicate atmosphere. I loooooove your knitwear!

  11. Wow! It is looking great! What lovely little creations. I adore the little girls room and the tiny knitted things!

  12. The room is very gorgeous. I love the wardrobe and of course the knitting. I could spot a lovely tiny dollhouse.

  13. Complimenten voor je werk. Het ziet er allemaal prachtig uit.

    Groeten Xandra

  14. Everything looks so wonderful! I love your colors! Hugs Eemaiva <3

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