Friday, April 4, 2014

My Del Prado dolls house and some new knitting !

As you can see I am working hard on this  dolls house, I bought the whole of the Delprado kit at an  op shop , it included all the 115 issues , and it's been a real delight building this .
 I am now working on the out side , I want it to be a very stately  looking  house .


  1. Oh this looks so good! I too have DelPRado dollshouse only I was collecting parts when they were published and in Poland there was only 100 parts of it. Thanks for sharing yours I have been thinking of the make over of mine for a long time now and maybe it's time to start! :)

  2. Frederika, this looks isn't the easiest kit to put together and it looks as though you are making it look wonderful!! Love that little gossamer delicate and pretty!!

  3. The dollhouse looks very nice. Congratulations on your new project. a hug, Marisa