Saturday, October 26, 2013

Bridal Boutique and Shabby Chic Bakery as promised and some new knitting

Here are some foto's of the dolls house I made for my daughter's wedding .As I made it in haste and Jonathan , Mercedes hubby was still fixing the lighting for me on the wedding day , LOL , I decided to do some demolition in order to make some improvements . It was then I realised I still promised you some foto's , so here they are.

The top of the building is the bridal shop and downstairs is the shabby bakery

I tried to copy her dress in 1/12 scale and only succeeded a little as her real dress was stunning .

All the materials I used for making the flower girls and brides maids dresses are available in the shop

I made all of the miniature baking myself

As you can see here I tried to copy the heart biscuits ( wedding, thank you gifts )that Mercedes made for the wedding , but of course the real ones were a work of art .

Look at the gorgeous towel with the cup cakes hanging on the sink , made by Carrie Lavender and especially ordered to to go in this scene.

My daughter Paulina and my son in law Tyme were wanting to start a pie shop and so I named them Tyme's pies.
At the moment they are living in Holland and having a great time there.
I miss them heaps though.

A piek through the front door of the bakery

this is the outside upstairs.

come and sit down and have a nice cup of coffee

I made a copy of their wedding invitations in miniature , It is the left one with the soft grey and pink , pretty hey?
and of course this gorgeous little cup and saucer , made by Carrie Lavender , was part of the wedding scene .

further I enjoyed the sunshine outside for the last two days knitting this little Christmas out fit

Oeps , here's a gap and I don't know how to solve it !
never mind there is still one photo coming , scroll down!!!!


As you can see in the next foto all my miniature knitting fit the standard Heidi Ott dolls , most of them are of the Lady doll size


  1. Both the boutique and the bakery are gorgeous, and so person from the choice of names for them down to the reproduction in miniature of the wedding invitations. The little Christmas outfit is so cute! It seems like to no time since I flew through Auckland at the beginning of the year (but didn't get to see you - boo hoo!) and now here we are planning for Christmas already!

  2. Wauw, how beautiful your present for your daughter always to remember their special wedding day!
    groetjes van Marijke

  3. It seems that when I go to live at my cottage in Maine, I'll have to make a living, so I'm planning to open a small coffee shop and bakery next to the house ...
    This project, of course, gives me a lot of ideas and suggestions :-)
    And then, I love watching all the little details that make it valuable :-)
    This gift will undoubtedly have made ​​even more happy the bride :-)
    Lovely hugs,
    I can not wait to receive my cardigan, just in time for the winter :-)

  4. What a beautiful gift Frederica, so many beautiful little keepsakes for the couple to treasure and ideas for their real pie shop. Love your new knitting too.

  5. Hello, This is so very beautiful! Perfect! I know your daughter and her hubby are most happy with this special gift. As I am happy that you made it. Hugs, Felma

  6. What amazing and very beautiful things you`ve done. I love them all.competitive prices of beds and mattresses

  7. Amazing little things! I love the atmosphere <3

  8. I love the little shops, they are both wonderful!

  9. That's a so beautiful work !! The little shops are both wonderful ! And I love the color of the Christmas cardigan :)