Saturday, June 26, 2010

back from Rarotonga !!!

We just came back from a beautiful ten days in Rarotonga,
it was magnificent , awesome beaches and lots of sunshine .
family foto in Rarotonga , and my daugther in between two Cook Island girls .

I made a new bed for my cottage , was never happy with my old one , to boring . and as you can see I also made a fireplace for the downstairs and a new table


  1. Hi Frederica! Welcome home - it looks like a lovely holiday! The new bed is nice and I just love the colour and height of the fireplace you have made - such a pretty shade of green. It's all looking lovely! Is it going to Convention - I'd love to see it in real life in October! I like seeing your photos - been following your blog for a while. xxx Carolyn

  2. hi Carolyn , I am not sure yet about the convention , are you gonna be there ? would love to see you again and catch up .so we will in october , awesome

  3. What a great holiday you've had, love your new things, the bed is lovely, is it wooden? The bedding is beautifully soft and pretty colours.

  4. yes , it is from wooden sticks , (dowel) and I found those little rosebuds at an emporium here in Manukau

  5. Wow, fantastic holiday!
    And the cottage is becoming more beautiful :-)
    mini kisses, flora

  6. The bed is lovely! And your family is precious.

  7. Fabulous job on the bed, it's gorgeous.

    I am sure you'll have enjoyed Rarotonga, it's so pretty.

  8. Zo te lezen en te zien heb je een pracht vakantie gehad. Een knap gezin heb je:-))
    Jouw blog is een plezier om naar te kijken :-))
    groetjes Ingrid