Sunday, February 28, 2010

some photos of my little cardigans , little brocante can ( lait ) was a gift from Sylvia , and some pictures of my almost finished cottage

the little brocante can was a gift of Sylvia , such a surprize , I love it !!!


  1. Your little house is so pretty! Very shabby-chic!

    The two cardigans are lovely...I can't imagine knitting anything that small. I wish I could find something like the pink one in real size!

    Thanks for letting us share in the fun.

  2. The cardigans are fabulous!

    What a lovely gift from Sylvia :)

  3. Geweldig deze vestjes! Het lijkt een beetje op ajour breiwerk, iets dat ik in het groot graag mag dragen. I love the pink detail in the brown one. Did you knit them?
    I often don't like miniature knits because the yarn which is used doesn't 'behave' like it would full scale. I really like these though, they look soft, not stiff the way miniature knits mostly are.